Where’s Elvis? Finding the King in Lake George

Enjoying the warm breeze in a plastic patio chair at a lakeside restaurant, I finally found him… I finally found Elvis. Each spring brings an Elvis Festival to Lake George, New York. The town is nestled along the southeastern edge of the Adirondack Mountains on a beautiful lake sharing its name. Surrounded by green mountains … Continue reading Where’s Elvis? Finding the King in Lake George


When the Fire Came

Bonfire - Photo by Ron Phillips (https://500px.com/wrongzilla)

I survived a fire. It was many years ago that my apartment melted away. I was attending college and working at a fast food restaurant, barely making rent each month. I was struggling to make a home with my boyfriend and two cats in a cheap roach and mouse infested apartment above a flower shop … Continue reading When the Fire Came

Rethinking Meetings to Increase Productivity

There’s a running joke among community service agencies that’s too often a reality, “We need to have a meeting to decide whether or not we need a meeting.” As someone who has spent years in the non-profit world, I know meetings. All organizations have meetings, but in my experience, non-profits have brought the art of … Continue reading Rethinking Meetings to Increase Productivity