The Path Already Traveled

I’ve been a writer for as long as I could write. I have evidence of my first books, a series of fictional stories about a little girl named Betty; complete with illustrations and written when I was 6 years old. But oddly enough, “author” was never one of the many careers that I considered for myself. Nurse, teacher, architect, concert violinist, travel agent, women’s rights activist, psychologist, anthropologist, social worker, epidemiologist, and tour guide… but never an author. I suppose that writing came so naturally to me that I didn’t consider it anything more than the way that I expelled my thoughts and feelings. I wrote fictional stories, I kept diaries and journals, I wrote essays for the fun of it, and I was one of those weird students who loved writing research papers. Later on, I edited written works for friends and family, and eventually, volunteered as a literacy tutor.

It wasn’t until I was re-evaluating my career path that the idea of being a writer came to the surface. I had managed and developed non-profit programs for years. During that time I learned a great deal about grant writing, which led to a position as a Grants Manager and Writer, which led to more writing opportunities. Suddenly, everyone seemed to know someone who needed a grant written… or a resume written… or a press release written. I had been tutoring and editing on the side for many years, but I was somewhat surprised to find that people needed my skills to meet such a vast array of writing-related needs.

And that brings us to The Enlightened Pen, the entity through which I share my thoughts in writing. My intention is to connect with people who share my passions. Come walk this path with me for a while…


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